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Bring on 2013.

2012 has been a hell of a year for the team @ Orca Digital. We have achieved amazing feats for our products i.e. ShowCaster and VoiPay and pushed hard to get the products to a level where they are now. But we’re not stopping there – in fact, 2013 will be even more of a rock’n’ roll year. We’re expanding the team further to cope with the increase in demand and new features we want to pump out into our products.

What are we looking for?

UI/UX designers, Java Developers, Web Developers, Server-side Gurus and Javascript wizards – these are all standard roles that you normally find in organisations hiring into their engineering / technical departments. However, the startup world is a little different. In a startup environment, we want all those skills bundled up into one, and more. What else more, you ask? A term that is floating around the industry is ‘Growth Hacker‘. That doesn’t mean we want sloppy devs that can only hack code around. What we want is a class above, someone who knows the trending topics of the industry, who has a solid foundation of programming with a great understanding of user experience. Someone to take ownership over their work and believe in what they are doing. In a startup culture, a candidate with the ability to spot trends and drive external interest to their own products is more valuable than an experienced old school Java Enterprise guru who knows the SOAP protocol by heart. I’ve recently read an article written by Elli Sharef for VentureBeat on the 5 things you need to know before working at a startup.

Even though Orca Digital was founded in 2006, we like to treat each of our products as separate entities or ‘companies’ (similar to Spotify). Each product is lead by a small team of engineers which takes the product forwards – driving product development and user interests back to the product they’ve just built. Do you have what it takes or know someone who does? Take a look at the job opportunities at Orca Digital and ShowCaster.

Happy (belated) New Year!