VoiPay goes self-serve


After working ridiculously hard for the past few months, I’m proud to give you myVoiPay. Not only can you can now add and manage VoiPay Calls & MicroPayments services from a slick and simple user interface, myVoiPay also provides up-to-date analytics for all your services. From the dashboard of myVoiPay, you can set up new services and start generating revenue within minutes. The dashboard also features a simple graph and summarised table data to show you how your services are performing at a quick glance. Need a more detailed view? No worries – you can also download the raw detailed data into a csv file and query the data as you wish.



The brief of the project was to keep it slick, simple and clean. It is easy to clutter a self serve portal with configurations that no one really understands and will never really use, so we wanted a self serve portal where you can do everything all from the same page. i.e. create, edit, delete, clone services all from the same dashboard that displays your analytics data.

Another neat feature we implemented is service sharing – enabling you to share  analytics data for certain services with others (for example sharing with affiliates or partners) or allow others to manage your services on your behalf – all without giving up your username and password. This can be done by sharing the service(s) with other user(s) with permissions of ‘Admin’ or ‘Viewer’.

Is there more?

We have lots of exciting new features planned for myVoiPay in the near future – so stay tuned for more. i.e. you might find a feature to run promotions in the near future (you didn’t hear it from me).
So… what are you waiting for? Sign up for free and give it a whirl.

Props to the individuals involved in delivering this milestone – Go Team VoiPay!